Our Mission Begins
This is more than a film of adventure, it's a poetic statement of the historic bond between a mountain, people, father and son.
Ararat Beckons is a film of striking beauty and mystery on the first Armenian Expedition to reach the summit of Mt. Ararat. The film became a reality after four shipments of film were smuggled out of Turkey over a two year period. Since the premier of ARARAT BECKONS at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood, California, the film has been offered exclusively to various church and charitable groups as a fund raiser and has been shown throughout the country and Canada. Numerous groups have taken advantage of the offer and the climbers Masis Parseghian, Gregory Parseghian and Hamlet Nersessian usually attend the screening and lecture about their experience, which also includes the Turkish police and eventual escape out of Turkey. The film was produced by Dr. Michael Hagopian and is narrated by Michael Conners. An office was recently opened where more information, video and dvd copies of the film are available. The DVD's are double narration, choice of English and Armenian on the same disc.